Wrestler deaths from steroids

Even in the WWE, the pay for most wrestlers isn't great. Not everyone you see on screen is a well-paid regular -- local wrestlers are hired all the time for shows, often not even to wrestle. Sometimes scripts call for "security guards" or some other extras to get in on the action, like if the story involves a fight breaking out backstage, and nine times out of 10 local wrestlers are hired for that event . A lucky few get to enter " squash matches " where they get to fight a billed wrestler (and lose badly, to make the star wrestler look strong). I know some wrestlers who worked for the WWE in a few minor appearances; the top pay was around $3,000 for the tournament. While that is a quick buck, remember, most of these wrestlers then have to go right back to their regular jobs.

On October 31, 1989, Wright debuted at WWF Saturday Night's Main Event as a fan cheering on Dusty Rhodes in his match against Big Boss Man . [7] Sapphire began to manage Dusty Rhodes, both adorned in black outfits with yellow polka dots. She along with Rhodes later on entered into a feud with "Macho Man" Randy Savage then referred to as "Macho King" and Sensational Sherri then Queen Sherri as Sapphire teamed with Rhodes to take on Savage and Sherri in a tag team match at Wrestlemania VI . Sapphire pinned Sherri, with some help from Miss Elizabeth , who had allied herself with Sapphire and Rhodes after a previous incident that precipitated the match. [8] [9] Sapphire and Sherri would continue their feud competing against each other in singles and tag team matches, across the country from April 21, 1990, at the Richmond Coliseum where she lost to the Queen in a one-on-one match, up until August 25, where she and Rhodes emerged victorious as a team. [9] In the spring and summer of 1990, she began to receive gifts from a mysterious benefactor. At SummerSlam , Sherri defeated Sapphire via forfeit after Sapphire failed to show. [9] Seconds before Rhodes' match against Savage, Ted DiBiase revealed that he had bought Sapphire. A distraught Rhodes lost a quick match to Savage after being hit with Sherri's purse behind the referee's back. [9] Sapphire began appearing in segments where she would do favors for DiBiase, including ironing his money. [9] She left the WWF a short time later. [9] Although it was never explained why on WWF programming, Virgil revealed in an interview with WWF Magazine several months later that the ( kayfabe ) reason for her leaving was that DiBiase took all the gifts back.

Wrestler deaths from steroids

wrestler deaths from steroids


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