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So far, so hard lad expelled from your school. But this wasn’t Eddie’s first brush with being exceptionally sporty, or exceptionally obsessed: as a teen he was a competitive swimmer, posting records that are still in place today. "When I was ten years old I would get up at 5 in the morning, cycle to the swimming baths, do an hour-and-a-half session, then cycle to school, do a day at school, then cycle back to the baths after." When he decided to get hench instead of aerodynamic, he transferred that same gruelling dedication to the next sport. "It just became routine, and that's when I started taking it a bit more seriously. I got very big and strong quickly, and when I was 19 I just realised I was the strongest man in the gym, the strongest guy in the area. And I thought, 'I’ve got to do something with this, I’ve got to test it.'" After phoning up and qualifying for an event in Blackburn, he came fourth out of 30 full grown men, and instantly resolved to one day become the World’s Strongest Man. "I was 19."

World strongest man steroid free

world strongest man steroid free


world strongest man steroid freeworld strongest man steroid freeworld strongest man steroid freeworld strongest man steroid freeworld strongest man steroid free