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The staff at Total Sports has been involved in many aspects of event management and promotion. From developing the concept of the ONE to ONE 150 meter race between Michael Johnson and Donovan Bailey, the richest payday in track and field history; to serving as the athlete coordinator for the Ponce Grand Prix outdoor meet in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and the meet director for a major national championship. In addition, our staff has assisted with national road race championships and served as the elite coordinator for other major grand prix meets.

Get on your marks, get set and GO! as fast as you can, using your arrow keys to give you speed and boost. use the left and right arrow keys alternatively to make you move faster and faster. Be careful throw, since pressing the arrow keys in a chaotic manner might bring you down and make you fall on the running track. So don't loose valuable time and keep your mind focused on the racing track. Compete against other seven fast sprinters and beat them all to the finish line, as you prove you are the only Olympic sprinter that can come out number one over and over again. Go throw all the physical training and competitions out there and make sure your name is on top of the winners list!

Us olympic sprinter steroids

us olympic sprinter steroids


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