Trenbolone and winstrol cycle results

For the dieting or cutting Trenbolone cycle this is where things can get really exciting as the choices are truly endless. In most cases you will be best served by supplementing with your Tren the latter half of the dieting phase; for example, if you are going to diet for 16 weeks you will want to use the Tren the last 8-12 weeks rather than from the start. You can also use the same overlapping method here as well; many athletes enjoy a Trenbolone cycle that overlaps with Equipoise during this period of use. As for other items, Winstrol, as always testosterone, good AIs and fat burners and if you can swing it a good batch of HGH and youll have a cycle that's hard to beat.

Although there are many bodybuilders who take large dosages of Trenbolone, this is definitely not needed. Even at very low dosages, Trenbolone can give amazing results. For newcomers to this steroid, a dosage of 150 to 200mg a week is more than enough to see good results. Dosages for more experienced users typically range between 200 and 400mg a week, with some users going above this. Trenbolone is a powerful drug and the side effects associated with Trenbolone usage can often be quite harsh, taking a lower dosage will help keep side effects under control.

Highly Anabolic
Epistane (Methylepitiostanol)
Equipoise –  Boldenone Undecylenate  (Bold200, Boldenone, Baldebal-H)
Ciccone Equipoise Combo450 (See Boldenone esters: Undecylenate, see Cypionate, Acetate)
Primabolin Tabs – Methenolone Acetate
Primabolin Depot –  Methenolone Enathate (Alphabolin, Primabolin Depot)
Masteron100 –  Drostanalone Propionate
Masteron200 –  Drostanolone Enanthate
Winstrol Depot – Stanozolol
Winstrol Tabs – Stanozolol
Oxandrolone – Oxandrolone (Anavar)

Trenbolone and winstrol cycle results

trenbolone and winstrol cycle results


trenbolone and winstrol cycle resultstrenbolone and winstrol cycle resultstrenbolone and winstrol cycle resultstrenbolone and winstrol cycle resultstrenbolone and winstrol cycle results