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In January 1993, the WWF debuted its flagship cable program Monday Night Raw . WCW countered in September 1995 with its own Monday night program, Monday Nitro , which aired in the same time slot as Raw . [30] The two programs would trade wins in the ensuing ratings competition (known as the " Monday Night Wars ") until mid-1996. At that point, Nitro began a nearly two-year ratings domination that was largely fueled by the introduction of the New World Order (nWo), a stable led by former WWF performers Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall (the former Razor Ramon), and Kevin Nash (the former Diesel). [31]

In March, The Shield came out to seemingly attack Jerry Lawler, only to attack Kane instead, turning all three men into fan favorites in the process. [72] Over the next few weeks, The Shield continued exchanging assaults with Kane, who was joined by The New Age Outlaws ( Billy Gunn and Road Dogg ), leading to a match between the two teams on April 6 at WrestleMania XXX , which The Shield won. [73] The feud with Kane also prompted The Shield to sever ties with Triple H, who reformed Evolution to counter them. [74] In May, The Shield defeated Evolution at both Extreme Rules and Payback . [75] [76] After Batista "quit" WWE the following night on Raw , Triple H initiated his "plan B" which involved Rollins turning on The Shield and aligning himself with Triple H and The Authority. [77]

Tlc steroid documentary

tlc steroid documentary


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