Steroids gone bad pics

Hi Adrian,
I need to lose 40 lbs by April 2018 for my bday. Im 40 now and my weight has been fluctuating dor the past 5 yrs. 140 to 160. Im at a size 8-10. I want to get back to my size 6 Now Im at my highest 175lbs. Im 5'10 so it doesnt look bad but I feel it. I also want to keep my curves, lose all my belly fat to see my abs again and build muscle. I want to do a bikini competition in August of 2018. One of my goals for the past 5 yrs now. Help ! I need a simple diet plan of what to eat to start me off and workouts to start and stick too. I teach also and at times grading 60 students papers can have me binge eating at times. Not good....

I had rhinoplasty/septal repair 1 year 5 months ago. In the middle of my healing I took a soccer ball directly to the nose which caused me a great deal of swelling. We delayed my 1 year due to this ( I did see my surgeon following the 2nd injury) I saw him yesterday which made it 1 year and 5 months and we did steroid injections on both sides of the bridge. Some of the swelling is soft at the tip and harder on the sides of the bridge. Do you think these will help? I am quite swollen post injection; how long will this last? How long will it take til I see a difference from the injection if any?

Steroids gone bad pics

steroids gone bad pics


steroids gone bad picssteroids gone bad picssteroids gone bad picssteroids gone bad picssteroids gone bad pics