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Based on the one-on-one interactions Butters and Jimmy have had on the show, they seem to be good friends. In " Krazy Kripples ," Butters was the only person who went to see Jimmy's comedy show instead of  Christopher Reeve's  public appearance. In " Erection Day ," Jimmy came to Butters for advice on his erection problems, expressing that Butters is the only one he can tell who won't make fun of him for it. The two were also seen sitting together at Cartman's AIDS benefit in " Tonsil Trouble ". During Season Fifteen's episode " 1% " Jimmy and Butters form the 99% club to protest the Presidential Fitness Test results. They stand outside and picket the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, Colorado Division Regional Office, only the media believe they are protesting the Red Robin Restaurant. In " Funnybot ," Butters is the only person in the audience who was clapping and cheering Jimmy while everybody else was asleep. In " Going Native ," Butters reveals that he doesn't find Jimmy's jokes funny. In " A Nightmare on Face Time ," the two are seen trick-or-treating together.

Housos has also been criticized as being a ripoff of the popular Canadian TV show Trailer Park Boys , which originally aired on Showcase in 2001. Critics point out the parallels between the shows, up to and including the similarly-named setting of both shows ( Sunnyvale in Trailer Park Boys ; Sunnyvale in Housos ). Both shows feature an ensemble cast of "trashy" characters breaking the law to get by in their respective low income communities. Because of these similarities, there is a minor controversy as to whether or not the idea for Housos was taken from Trailer Park Boys creator, Mike Clattenburg .

South park jimmy steroids speech

south park jimmy steroids speech


south park jimmy steroids speechsouth park jimmy steroids speechsouth park jimmy steroids speechsouth park jimmy steroids speechsouth park jimmy steroids speech