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Peter Pan began as Malcolm, the father of Rumplestiltskin , a onetime lover of the Black Fairy , the grandfather of Baelfire and Gideon , and the great-grandfather of Henry Mills . Malcolm originally left his son in the care of two spinners, who gave Rumplestiltskin a magical bean to create a portal to leave his careless father. Using the magic bean, Malcolm and Rumplestiltskin travelled to Neverland , a place which Malcolm envisioned in his dreams. Upon arrival, Malcolm discovered he could not fly like in his dreams, and the Shadow told him this is because he did not belong on the island as it was only for children. Realizing that he could not be a child as he was a father, Malcolm forced Rumplestiltskin to be taken home by the Shadow. Malcolm transformed into his younger self, adopting the name of Peter Pan (which he named himself after Rumplestiltskin's doll). The Shadow informed Pan that his youth is limited, and he will die when the hourglass of Skull Rock is complete.

Oh and of course... If you happen to have seen any of my pals, Wendy, Tigerlilly, pirates, lost boys, whatever... please tell them about my site! If you send a photo of yourself in "pixie-wear", I even have a Pixie Friends' page for that too! . As for Tinkerbell , well from times past (before I found Tink!) I had a page just for my soul mate search, which you're welcome to look at for a more serious look into the heart of 'Peter'. But obviously, no responses please!   . And finally, whoever you are, remember... keep to the child in you alive and protected. It's more important than you can possibly know!!!

Peter true life i'm on steroids

peter true life i'm on steroids


peter true life i'm on steroidspeter true life i'm on steroidspeter true life i'm on steroidspeter true life i'm on steroidspeter true life i'm on steroids