Osteopenia steroids

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Hi Dr. Moll,
Regarding Testosterone therapy and DVT – If testosterone therapy does not cause DVT do you know why http:// lists the side affect
“Blood clots in the legs. This can include pain, swelling, or redness of your legs”?
My first DVT – massive, proximal, idiopathic in left leg – occurred while I was taking Androgel as prescribed. As no other cause was identified and Androgel lists blood clots as a side affect on their website, I had attributed my DVT to testosterone therapy – Perhaps incorrectly, as DVT #2 just happened though I no longer use testosterone.
thanks much!

Osteopenia steroids

osteopenia steroids


osteopenia steroidsosteopenia steroidsosteopenia steroidsosteopenia steroidsosteopenia steroids