Losing muscle after steroids

The role of nutrition in preventing and treating sarcopenia is less clear. Large, well-designed studies of nutrition particularly in combination with exercise are needed, ideally across healthcare settings. For now, basing nutritional guidance on the evidence available from the wider health context is probably the best approach with little contention in the goals of replacing vitamin D where deficient, and ensuring an adequate intake of calories and protein, although there is debate about whether currently recommended protein intake levels are optimal. [38] [39]

I love ur article. Ive been working my butt off at the gym n training fot a 10k( cardio 3 × week n weights 2-3 x a week) . I haven’t lost any weight. I assume is because I do a lot of weight training, I love it. But I am a little more on the heavy # on the scale. I love the way my body is starting to tone but still no weigjt lost. I assume the weight should start to come off some time right? I mean , u can only get so much muscle before u see a drop in the scale right? Is it possible to be heavy n have good muscle mass ??? I have good nutrition, no low cal but good clean food. Should I drop my cals ? But iv worked so hard to build my muscle 🙁

Whoa thank you, this article was great and so helpful. My surgery is in 3 weeks time and I've been really stressing about how I will maintain weight loss after surgery. This has always been a problem for me - lose weight, gain it back times 10. Even though im getting surgery done, I still have a huge fear of regaining the weight. I had planned to do some really intense training and clean eating after surgery. I now realise the goals I had in mind are slightly unrealistic and unsustainable. I will be re-evaluating after this article. Thanks again :)

Losing muscle after steroids

losing muscle after steroids


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