Leuzea carthamoides anabolic

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Two quassinoids from Eurycoma, 13α,21-Dihydroeurycomanone and Eurycomanone have been tested in a 17α-ethynylestradiol induced uterotrophic assay (an in vivo test for antiestrogenicity [47] ). [48] /kg was able to induce anti-estrogenic effects when injected, and although both showed effects Eurycomanone was more potent and had a similar efficacy to Tamoxifen at the same molar dose. However, due to low oral bioavailability and poor eurycomanone content in Eurycoma, these effects may not be seen in vivo . [14] Based on a molar mass of , [49] this equates to a 996mcg injection of Eurycomanone (equivalent to 906mcg Tamoxifen), and its bioavailability of % [14] would mean about ten-fold the dose required to be practically bioequivalent; and 30mg Tamoxifen would theoretically be bioequivalent to about 313mg Eurycomanone (close to 20g of the plant's dry weight).

Leuzea carthamoides anabolic

leuzea carthamoides anabolic


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