La roca actor usa esteroides

The list is divided into categories and, in some cases, sub-categories, which best describe the field for which the subject is most noted. Some categories such as "Actors, actresses, comedians and directors" are relative since a subject who is a comedian may also be an actor or director. In some cases a subject may be notable in more than one field, such as Luis A. Ferré , who is notable both as a former governor and as an industrialist. However, the custom is to place the subject's name under the category for which he/she is most noted.

“Moana” Moana is one of the most anticipated films of Disney Studios. The film 56 of the company will have different names: in some European countries will be called Vaiana while in Italy will only be called Oceania, because Moana is the name of a porn actress who tried to be mayor of Rome in the nineties...
Moana, Vaiana, now Oceania ... But what is the name of the new Disney princess? What a mess they are making us with so much change and so many names. The animated film directed by John Musker and Ron Clements and featuring the voices of Dwayne Johnson, Jemaine Clement, Alan Tudyk and Nicole Scherzinger, among others, already has three different titles for different countries. Why?...!
Apparently, in us, the name of the film was modified to 'Vaiana' because 'Moana' is a registered trademark in the country. However, the reason for the change in Italy, which has been called 'Oceania', is even more curious.. .

La roca actor usa esteroides

la roca actor usa esteroides


la roca actor usa esteroidesla roca actor usa esteroidesla roca actor usa esteroidesla roca actor usa esteroidesla roca actor usa esteroides