Is tren elite a steroid

Lets assume all who read this are going to supplement with Trenbolone responsibly and if you do the odds of a positive experience are far more in your favor. However, because it is impossible to predict if you have never supplemented with this hormone before you are highly advised to stick only with the Acetate version, often referred to as Tren-a. Trenbolone-Acetate is by many the preferred Trenbolone hormone but for the first time user it is the only logical choice The reason is simple; if you fall prey to the sever side effects of Tren you can simply discontinue use and have the hormone cleared from your system in a little more than 48 hours. If you choose a larger ester based form such as Trenbolone- Enanthate and fall prey to sever Tren side effects its a different story; it will take weeks for the hormone to clear after discontinuation.

ANSWER: I hate to be the bearer of bad news but neither steroid with get you “cut up”. In fact, steroids don’t help you lose body fat but they do help you maintain muscle while you diet down. Let’s take a look at a typical bodybuilder. Now, let’s say he’s sitting at 10% bodyfat. That would mean he has 20 lbs of fat and 180 lbs of lean body mass (bones, muscle…etc). If he started a cycle of Tren or Winny and was lucky to put on 10 lbs of solid muscle that would now put him at 210 lbs. With no bodyfat gain (it was a perfect cycle) would he still be at 10% bodyfat? Of course not. 210 lbs with 20 lbs of fat would put him at % bodyfat. Notice the difference. You’ll look leaner but did the gear help you lose bodyfat. Nope. Bodyfat still stayed the same but bodyfat percentage changed. If you want to get cut up some guys choose compounds like T3 or clen. They plan their cycle to maintain muscle mass and let diet and cardio strip away the fat. Utilize the fat burning compounds mentioned previously and follow a proper diet and training program to intelligently supplement your plan and you’ll get the ripped body you desire for your photoshoot.

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Is tren elite a steroid

is tren elite a steroid


is tren elite a steroidis tren elite a steroidis tren elite a steroidis tren elite a steroidis tren elite a steroid