Ex steroid users

One did not need to hear testimony from the wrestling icon known as Hulk Hogan that the man Terry Bolea had, for years, used steroids leading up to the famous trial that threatened the existence of the WWF. It is a safe bet that Hogan has little to no regrets about the choices that he made in those situations. Hogan remains arguably the most recognized wrestling personality in the history of the business, and his “24-inch pythons” helped make him an international superstar who made millions of dollars during his career. Risking your long-term health is sometimes worth it if the money is right.

If anything, PEDs are poorer quality and potentially more dangerous currently. That’s due to so much of today’s AAS being illegally manufactured in “underground” laboratories, which have no need to comply with laws requiring the ingredients they use and the facilities they utilize to meet the pharmaceutical purity standards which legitimate manufacturers must meet. Underground PEDs are therefore potentially contaminated with bacteria and toxic additives, plus there’s no way except assaying each and every vial, ampule, and tablet to know for sure what it’s actually composed of. Underground AAS labeled as a certain steroid at a certain concentration may not even be that steroid and/or may be significantly diluted; meaning, they potentially won’t be as efficient at building muscle.
Not all underground manufacturers are irresponsible and unscrupulous, but, since none are regulated, it’s never possible to know for sure if their PEDs are safe and/or effective. So, overall, the quality and safety of PEDs has diminished since anti-steroid legislation was implemented and legitimate manufacturers became scarce.

Ex steroid users

ex steroid users


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