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We used our unpatented five-step process to determine the most dominant athletes of the past 20 years. First we looked at the top league in every sport that has global annual revenues of $100 million or more and for which there are reliable annual overall rankings or ratings of individual athletes for all or most of the past 20 years. Then we rated those sports’ athletes in each of the past 20 regular seasons by the best single performance metric available, adjusted these ratings to normalize athletes’ scores in each sport across time, narrowed our focus to the top four athletes each year in every sport, then adjusted the data again to put these players, across sports, on a common baseline. Then we added up the results to achieve this list, in which one “dominance share” equals one standard deviation of performance by an athlete beyond the top four players in his or her sport for one season.

He and his parents are already booking him as an NFL draft pick next year? Wow the apple truly doesn’t fall far does it? The Aggies beat big bad Bama …(with some help from AJ McCarron) and all of a sudden ESPN turns this kid is the greatest thing to ever touch a football…then they give him the heisman and you can literally see his head growing on camera. I’m not saying he didn’t deserve it…the guy had an amazing year. I’m just saying we tend to be a society that turns everything happening at the moment into the best or worst thing ever…and this kid has been raised to believe it and relish in it. The arrogance and narcissistic behavior seems to not only be accepted but almost encouraged by his folks. His athletic abilities will only get him so far without the intangibles that make a QB great. Leadership, Respect, Gratitude, a Team-First mentality and work ethic are what makes the good ones great. Confidence is also required but not arrogance. If he doesnt find these qualities I would be surprised if he ever takes a snap as an NFL QB.

Speaking of hippie hallucinogens, Bryant should have dined at Alice’s Restaurant (you can apparently get anything you want there) instead of Buckland Pizza. The irrational cops who took the word of five eyewitnesses over one NPR contributor make another law-enforcement menace in the Berkshires, Officer Obie, look as terrifying as Barney Fife in comparison. Trooper Brian Doak merely heard five people say they saw Bryant strike his wife before slapping bracelets on Bryant. Officer Obie possessed a whole envelope, found at the bottom of a half-ton pile of garbage, with Arlo Guthrie’s name on it to justify arresting him for littering.

Espn magazine articles steroids

espn magazine articles steroids


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