Ciclo deposteron deca e stanozolol

Prices for those who wish to buy Testosterone Cypionate from sources that do not set minimum order limits will typically run into pharmaceutical grade Testosterone Cypionate in the range of $17 – $20 per 1ml glass ampoule dosed at 200mg/ml, while underground lab Testosterone Cypionate can be located in the range of $130 – $160 for a single 10ml vial dosed at 200mg/ml. As one can see, these prices tend to quite high, especially in comparison to the sources that will now be covered. Internet sources that place minimum order limits (usually a minimum limit of $200 – $400 depending on the source) will typically be in the range of (for pharmaceutical grade) $15 – $18 for a single 1ml ampoule containing 250mg/ml, and, (for underground lab grade) $60 – $90 for a 10ml vial dosed at 250mg/ml. These same prices (internet sources with minimum order limits) are generally the exact same as ‘gym’ and ‘in-person’ sources, which may or may not impose minimum order limits on their potential buyers as well.

Spanish Testex from Spain can still be located on the black market . This product is made by Altana Pharma ( formerly Byk Leo ), and is packaged in 2ml dark glass ampules with yellow silkscreen lettering . It comes in two doses , containing a total of 100mg or 250mg of steroid . Testex has always been a high-risk item on the black market , so be careful when shopping . Note that the first letter in the lot number ( such as T -001) should rest below , to the left of the company name ( Altana ). Fakes often misplace these digits . If the T (por ejemplo) were to rest directly below the A in Altana , or to the right of the A , you definitely have a fake .

Ciclo deposteron deca e stanozolol

ciclo deposteron deca e stanozolol


ciclo deposteron deca e stanozololciclo deposteron deca e stanozololciclo deposteron deca e stanozololciclo deposteron deca e stanozololciclo deposteron deca e stanozolol