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On different sites and forums, the proper depth for squatting will vary, but there is at least one consensus – at least hit 90 degrees. When you fail to reach 90 degrees, you’re not only cheating yourself but putting yourself at a higher risk of injury. Squatting to parallel puts the posterior chain in your body into play. This creates a balancing force and takes pressure off your tendons. Hitting at least 90 degrees is the bare minimum. If that’s all you can do, great, but try to break to parallel. Going slightly past parallel gives your legs just that little extra. Plus if you’re into powerlifting, past parallel is a requirement.

At this point I became suspicious about the Kroger Zyrtec and sought an opinion from my doctor. She was very sympathetic, but hadn’t heard of anything like this and referred me to an allergist. The allergist reviewed my case, conducted a thorough allergy tests and said: “You’re hooked on Zyrtec; I see it all the time. It’s almost common knowledge amongst allergists...” He gave me two options: stay on Zyrtec for the rest of my life, or try to wean myself off the medication. I’m doing the latter and it’s been hell on earth. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. I’ve been “cold turkey” for about a month and the symptoms maybe beginning to abate a little, but some days it’s hard to be sure. I sleep little. I have to “sleep” in a different bed from my wife as my thrashing around scratching and bleeding stops her from sleeping.

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