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Developed in China by military officials, this self defense, hand-to-hand close combat system focuses on realistic fighting ability. Competitions are won by knockout or points given for striking and throwing. Sanshou allows knee strikes, kicking, punching and wrestling, but not submissions or grappling. In the octagon, many fighters refer to their throwing skills to get their opponent in a vulnerable position. Sanda and Sanshou aren't commonly taught outside of China, but with UFC's recent acquisition of Chinese MMA fighters, the styles may gain more popularity.

1. def. John Dodson at UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Dodson on Jan 26, 2013
2. def. John Moraga at UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Moraga on Jul 27, 2013
3. def. Joseph Benavidez at UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Benavidez 2 on Dec 14, 2013
4. def. Ali Bagautinov at UFC 174 on June 14, 2014
5. def. Chris Cariaso at UFC 178 on Sep 27, 2014
6. def. Kyoji Horiguchi at UFC 186 on Apr 25, 2015
7. def. John Dodson at UFC 191 on Sep 5, 2015
8. def. Henry Cejudo at UFC 197 on Apr 23, 2016
9. def. Tim Elliott at The Ultimate Fighter: Tournament of Champions Finale on Dec 3, 2016
10. def. Wilson Reis at UFC on Fox: Johnson vs. Reis on Apr 15, 2017
11. def. Ray Borg at UFC 216 on Oct 7, 2017

Due to the increasing size and complexity of the UFC roster it has become necessary to start seperating out those fighters who havebeen inactive for increasingly long stretches of time. The goal of this list has always been to present users with information as to who is fighting in the UFC currently. As such, fighters will be included in this table if they have been inactive for more than a year without a planned date of return, or have made official statements that they are stepping away from the sport for an undetermined period of time. Fighters will be organized by weight class, and alphabetically within weight class, and listed with the date of their last fight.

Brazilian ufc fighters steroids

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