Anabolics book edition pdf

Written by Mary Glover – an experienced childcare social worker, drug worker and trainer, the book explains what children need, what social care services expect, and how drugs and alcohol can affect childcare. The book helps parents understand what they need to do, and also gives practical tips on how to do it. With unique self-scoring questions, parents and workers are able to assess the situation, and monitor and chart progress over time.

A child protection ‘the bottom line’ page in every section means that everyone knows exactly where they stand, preventing misunderstandings and giving children the best possible chance of being cared for by their parents.

As well as being an excellent case work tool, the book provides workers new to the field with a clear explanation of the issues. Divided into sections, the book covers:

  • drug and alcohol use
  • the needs of children
  • safety in the home and
  • support networks.

The author is able to run bespoke half day training courses to support agencies who wish to use the workbook.

The training considers the challenges to workers in the area of parental drug and alcohol use, and explores how best to put the workbook into practice. For details of this course, please contact Mary Glover directly on @ or to go to her website, click here .


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The Drugs, Alcohol, and Parenting workbook is a bit more expensive than our drug information designed to be left in waiting areas and leaflet racks. This is because it is designed to be used as a thoughtful adjunct to keywork with parents, and therefore is:
  • printed on a high quality uncoated paper so that parents can complete the self assessment questions using ink, pencil or biro;
  • has a quality laminated cover so the book can be kept; and
  • is wiro bound so that it can lie flat to be written in.

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Anabolics book edition pdf

anabolics book edition pdf


anabolics book edition pdfanabolics book edition pdfanabolics book edition pdfanabolics book edition pdfanabolics book edition pdf