Acne after finishing steroids

The only regret I have about the blue light is that I didn't know about it sooner! I'm twenty five and have struggled with acne since i was a teenager. Over the years i put my skin through abrasive creams and cleansers hoping to be rid of it. The blue light is by FAR the most gentle on my skin and it gives me real results! If i start to get a blemish during the day I'll use the blue light at night and it will either be completely gone or almost gone by morning. What a difference from the other products I've used! The blue light began working immediately- I noticed a difference within two days! Although I still get a blemish or two at times (due to genetics) the blue light makes my skin the clearest it has been since I was a little girl. My skin is healthy and glowing and free of heavy stinging creams and cleansers. I am so happy! It's completely worth every penny and I recommend it to anyone who has ever struggled with their skin.

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Thanks a lot for such an insightful post. I started having acne after coming off the pill. I have been trying to combat the problem. I have been thinking of Zinc and DIM but your post makes much sense. As far as inositol is concerned , I am taking a supplement by the name of Ichol plus, it contains Myo-Inositol. It has helped me a lot in reducing the large , angry and painful bumps on my face. However , I still get small inflamed acne particularly after consuming something sugary. So diet will have to be controlled. I am on the pursuit of finding a long term solution to this problem. Surely there has to be a solution. Millions of women are suffering from this. We can be in touch personally in you like to share insights.

Acne after finishing steroids

acne after finishing steroids


acne after finishing steroidsacne after finishing steroidsacne after finishing steroidsacne after finishing steroidsacne after finishing steroids