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This fragrance is appropriately named, and I appreciate that. It is indeed a bomb of spice, so I'm glad they didn't muck around with calling it something like "Deep Thinker for Men" or some such.

It's just "Spicebomb."

Now, I believe there are two ways to think of a strong spicey presence. There's the thick and heavy spices, like you might smell in clouds of church incense, and then there are the light spices, like what you would smell when you open the pantry and catch a whiff of nutmeg, cinammon, allspice, and other baking components.

Spicebomb is in that latter category for me. It's loaded with spice, but not super dark. More like warm and smooth spice. Cinammon, sweet pepper, aromatic pipe tobacco, light leather -- these are the notes that are the core of this juice.

If there is any citrus at all, the volume is almost all the way down, and it's there just to add some zip and lightness to the spice bouquet.

It projects as far it should without being offensive, and the longevity is very good, maybe even seven or eight hours.

But, yeah. Open up the baking spices pantry. That's what this scent is.

Abomb steroid side effects

a bomb steroid side effects


a bomb steroid side effectsa bomb steroid side effectsa bomb steroid side effectsa bomb steroid side effectsa bomb steroid side effects